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Art Status & To-Do List

Commish & Art trades infos

>Commish Prices and Infos<

:bulletblue: Commish are open with slots, announced in my journal ! Don't hesitate to check it !
:bulletblue: I try to do my best to finish ASAP, that mean I can take 1 day to draw your commish, but I also can take 1 month ! It will depend if I'm art blocked or not !

To do List !


Fullbody+Simple bg

Flat chibi/:bulletgreen: PAID




Waiting for ...


Fullbody/:bulletgreen: PAID
Ref' sheet-2 Chibis/:bulletgreen: PAID
Fullbody Auct-Design/:bulletgreen: PAID
2 Chibis/:bulletgreen: PAID
Fullbody/:bulletgreen: PAID
:bulletred: r3tr0-t3chn0 Payement





Hey guys ! :D

I finally made myself a Patreon ! I feel really motivated for this you have no ideas ahah xD I worked very hard on my banner, I'm proud of it ! :D
Feel free to follow me or support me, even with small donations ! Each dollars matters and I'll be really honored if you do it <3
If you can't, no problems ! :D Don't hesitate to share my patreon all over the world then ! ;)

Special streams, free chibis/colored sketches each month, discount on design and commish' and nsfw drawings for my Patreons ! JOIN THE FAMILY !!

See you on Patreon !

The link :
Hoshikami adopts 2 by SMASH-ii
Hoshikami adopts 2

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

Heyyyyy guys ! Yesterday I was trying to draw, and finally did an Hoshikami sketch for the new adopts ^^
Here we go ! :) Hope you will like it ! :D

#1: $10
#2: SOLD
#3: $10
#4: SOLD
#5: $10
#6: $10
#7: $10
#8: $14

Species infos
Hoshikami Species Guide (CLOSED Species) by SMASH-ii

You may :

• Change gender
• Change the design a bit
• Use/submit my art as a ref'

You may NOT :

• Add rare feature without my permission
• Add other accessories than ponchos and lantern
• Give them other special powers
• Claim it as your own species
• Not give me credits if you submit my art as a ref'
• Change something on the species : Shorter tail, longer ear etc
• Sell/Trade the character you get : if you don't want it anymore please send me a note
• Add rare feature on your character : if you want one, please send me a note (any rare feature are +$5)

Design and Species (c) SMASH-ii
Halloween species adopts (with story!) by SMASH-ii
Halloween species adopts (with story!)
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

Ahhhhh I finally finished my Halloween adopts xD Fiou, it took me too much time you have no idea x)
Anyway, I wanted to make some Halloween themed of my own species, so here we go ! ^^ Each character have his own story !


Cerberus was born from a schizophrenic person, that's the reason why he has 2 heads and different personalities. The red head is calm and rational, while the blue head is impulsive and always excited. The end of his tail is cut in 2 and the plate on his front paws are red for the right and blue for the left ! The color of his fur is basic due to his personality : the bright colors are based on their own personalities ! The red smoke smell like strawberry and the blue smoke smell like blue lagoon cocktail

Comment to claim : CLOSED

This dhrakos was born from the Headless Horseman itself (if you play to WOW you will know him ^^) His dhrakos is special : he is like a demon, but he has angel's ribbons on his tail which is a rare feature ! As his owner, the Dhrakos is kinda psychopath and he help his owner to burn village (he can breath fire !) His smoke smell like sulfur 

Comment to claim : $15


The Jack-O-Lantern zanshi was born differently from the others. When a couple of Zanshi want a baby, they go into their godess's temple and they prey all day. At the end of the day, they each cut the other paw pad, mix the blood together and put the blood on the floor, at the bottom of their godess's statue. The next day, a little plant grow and when its leaves open, an egg appear. This is how Zanshi reproduce.
All was okay when Jack's parents prayed and mixed their blood, and the little plant started to grow. But next day, when the plant started to open its leaves, some bandits plundered the temple where the little Jack started to born and they put it on fire. Fortunately, Jack's parents were near the temple and tried to save their egg ! All the Zanshi's village came to stop the fire and help the new family, but it was too late : the parents died trying to protect their baby. All the village was saddened, but they took the egg and when he hatched, all the village took care of Jack. But years passed, and Jack wanted his revenge. Days after days, he couldn't stop thinking of finding his parent's murderers, so one day, he left his village and started his journey. Since this day, Jack's became violent and if someone stand against him, he put villages on fire ... (the fire's mark is on his left shoulder)
Here is his Fury Form ! Jack-o-lantern Halloween fury mode by SMASH-ii

Comment to claim : $25 (I'm sorry I love him so much xD)


Cthulhu's zanshi is a strange creature : he wasn't born the same way as all Zanshis. In fact, this Zanshi was born from the Ancient god, the Great Cthulhu. He was born to help the great nightmare's god, but we don't really know how it was born : all we know is that he is as crazy as his 'father' ! This zanshi has the shadow power (the mark is on his right eyes) and even if he likes to live under the sea, his power allows him to invoke nightmares creature, all created by Cthulhu itself !
Here is his Fury Form ! Cthulhu Halloween fury mode by SMASH-ii

Comment to claim : CLOSED


This Tamamori were just like the other Tama, he collected souls and damned souls, all was good for him ! But one day, the souls started to miss, and miss, and one day, all the souls disappeared. The Tamamori was worried, so he looked were they had been able to go ! He was searching, days and nights, but he saw nothing. Until one day ! He discovered a cave, were little scream went out of it. The brave Tamamori went in the cave and discovered were all the souls was : it was the godess 
Arachne which kepts all the souls. The Tama was really angry after her, and they started to fight for the souls ! After a rude battle, he finaly imprisoned her soul into his coffin and got back all the stolen souls ! Since this day, we can hear the scream of Arachne in the coffin of the Tama and sometimes her spider's legs try to go out of the coffin ...

Comment to claim : CLOSED

This Tamamori's story is a bit sad. At the beginning, this Tama was full of joy and really colorful. He loved his job, and he took care of his souls with an extreme attention. All was good for him, and he loved catch damned souls more than everthing ! But one day, as he cought an other damned soul into his coffins, the Zanshi's goddess came to him and warned him : take only damned souls was going to be dangerous for him. "If you continue like that, your body will disappear ! Damned souls are dangerous if you only take them, good souls also wait for you !" But the Tama didn't listen, he loved his job so much ! The goddess couldn't help but watch him falling apart. And then one day, the body's Tamamori started to disappear. He was so affraid, he felt so stupid because he didn't listened his goddess. He started to cry and prey, he hoped that the goddess could hear him and help him, and that's what she did. She came to him, and when she saw the poor little critter, so affraid, she couldn't resist to ofer her help. "I can't bring your body back, not even your bright colors, but I can transform your body as a ghost body : you will be immortal and you will take care of souls the rest of your 'life', but you have to take care of the 2 sorts of souls ! Otherwhise I can't do anything and the damned souls will eat your spirit and your body" Since this day, the Tamamori take care of the 2 sort of souls with his new body. He can't live like a normal Tama, but at least he can do his job for eternity !

Comment to claim : $15


This is the story of 2 young brother and sister Hoshikamis who was amazed by magic. Since they were young, they read books about magic, days and night, but they never tried it, because it's forbidden ! When they reach the puberty, they started to try magic, hidden from the other Hoshikamis ! They loved this, so much that they stopped to search stars ! The 2 little Hoshikamis were sooooo amazed by the magic, that they didn't care about anything else ! But one day, the other Hoshikamis discovered what they do in secret ! They were so angry after them ! An hoshikami have to take care of the dead star, not to make magic ! The hoshikami's comunity couldn't believe what the 2 youngs made, so they decided to bannished them ! Since this day, the 2 little Hoshikamis started to use magic together to search dead stars. They can't abandon magic, so they use it to do their job !

WITCH : $14


Aaaaaaand here is ! xD Damn it was hard to write all these stories, but at least I'm pretty happy ! :D
I hope you will like them guys !

See ya soon !

Artwork (c) ME

What kind of Halloween adopts ? 

3 deviants said Leave a comment with your ideas ! :D


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